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 Post subject: Trucker codes.
PostPosted: 30. Oct 2017 13:34 
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Here is a list of the Radiocodes that we are using. Using codes is useful incase we have robbers listening to our Frequency. Try to use short-names for your locations too. (For example Blueberry farm = BB-Farm. Or Las Payasadas = The big Chicken)

10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 Ok, Message Received
10-5 Relay Message
10-6 Busy, Stand By
10-7 Out of Service, Leaving Air
10-8 In Service, subject to call
10-9 Repeat Message
10-10 Transmission Completed, Standing By
10-11 Talking too Rapidly
10-12 Visitors Present
10-13 Advise weather/road conditions
10-16 Make Pickup at...
10-17 Urgent Business
10-18 Anything for us?
10-19 Nothing for you, return to base
10-20 My Location is ......... or What's your Location?
10-21 Call by Telephone
10-22 Report in Person to _____
10-23 Stand by
10-24 Completed last assignment
10-25 Can you Contact ______
10-26 Disregard Last Information/Cancel Last Message/Ignore
10-27 I am moving to Channel ___
10-28 Identify your station
10-29 Time is up for contact
10-30 Does not conform to FCC Rules
10-32 I will give you a radio check
10-33 Emergency Traffic at this station
10-34 Trouble at this station, help needed
10-35 Confidential Information
10-36 Correct Time is _____
10-38 Ambulance needed at _____
10-39 Your message delivered
10-41 Please tune to channel ___
10-42 Traffic Accident at _____
10-43 Traffic tie-up at _____
10-44 I have a message for you (or ____)
10-45 All units within range please report
10-50 Break Channel
10-62 Unable to copy, use phone
10-62sl unable to copy on AM, use Sideband Lower (not an official code)
10-62su unable to copy on AM, use Sideband Upper (not an official code)
10-65 Awaiting your next message/assignment
10-67 All units comply
10-70 Fire at _____
10-73 Speed Trap at _____
10-75 You are causing interference
10-77 Negative Contact
10-84 My telephone number is ____
10-85 My address is _____
10-91 Talk closer to the Mike
10-92 Your transmitter is out of adjustment
10-93 Check my frequency on this channel
10-94 Please give me a long count
10-95 Transmit dead carrier for 5 sec.
10-99 Mission completed, all units secure
10-100 Need to go to Bathroom
10-200 Police needed at _____

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