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 Post subject: Application process and format
PostPosted: 11. Oct 2017 17:20 
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Before you post an application, please be sure that you have registered with Firstname_Lastname format. If you haven't, you can request a forum namechange via PM to either Jim_Bronson or Billy_Ratliff. Your application will not be processed if your forum name is in wrong format. While filling out the application, make sure you have filled out all fields and make sure you are being honest. All information will be checked.

After you've gotten your application accepted, you will be called in for a interview. The interview will mainly be just chit-chat to get to know you better, with a couple of basic questions.
Once the interview is passed, you will be invited to our Probation Membership program. This program last a week, and you are responsible to show activity and interest of the union within this week. After the probation time is over, the management will vote you either in as a full member, or discharge you from any connection with the Union.

Applicant must
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Not have any DUI charges
  • Not be convicted of any major felonies
  • Have their own work vehicle (unless they apply as Worker)
  • Have filled all fields in their application
  • ((Not have any recent and serious administrative punishments))
  • ((Be level 5+))
  • ((Apply with their main character))

Change out the (information capsules) with your information.
Create a new topic with your name and your profession. I.E "John White - Mechanic"
[u]Section 1[/u]
01.[b]Full name:[/b] (Firstname Lastname)
02.[b]Date of birth, age:[/b] (DD/MM/YYYY, XX y/o)
03.[b]Address:[/b] (Full streetname and address of your current resident ((/streetname)) )
04.[b]Phone number:[/b] (0123456)
05.[b]Are you a convicted felon:[/b] (Yes/No)

[u]Section 2[/u]
01.[b]What is your profession:[/b] (Trucker, Mechanic, Other)
02.[b]How long have you worked in your profession:[/b] (X Week(s)/Month(s)/Year(s))
03.[b]Do you have your own work vehicle, if so - what type/model:[/b] (Make, Model, Year)
04.[b]Why do you apply to become a member of the Truckers Union:[/b] (Your answer, feel free to go in detail)

[u]Section 3[/u]

01. [b]Character level:[/b] (The one you apply with)
01. [B]LSRP forumname:[/b]
02. [b]Please list all your characters (+ level) here:[/b]
03. [b]Link to adminrecords on all your characters:[/b] [spoil][img]IMAGE LINK HERE[/img][/spoil]
04. [b]GMT:[/b]
05. [b]Skype Name:[/b] [i](You will be added to the Trucker Union Skype Group)[/i]   ))

[U]Section 4[/u]
I, (YOUR NAME HERE), hereby allow the Red County Trucker Union to do a background check on my name and be informed by any points on my record. Information given through this process is confidential and are not to be shared outside the staff of the Union.

Once your interview is handled, and you've passed it - Fill this form out and post it in your application post.

I hereby agree to go through probation time of one (1) or more week(s), and are fully aware of my responsibility to show the union my activity and interest of the trucking career and union membership. I do understand that I will not gain the benefits of a full member before I am one, and also not given access to the main union radio frequency.


When you've posted this in your application, you'll be moved into the Probation Member group on the forums and will have access to communicate with other members.

We all wish you good luck with your process and hope to see you on the roads with us!

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 Post subject: Re: Application process and format
PostPosted: 3. Dec 2017 09:43 
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NOTE: Make sure your forum name is FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME. If you have already registered, send a private message to Jim_Bronson or Billy_Ratliff to request a forum name change!

Just a reminder. We will not process your application if your forum name has incorrect format.

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