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Joseph Delware - Application [Interview]
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Author: Joseph_Delaware [ 24. Jan 2018 19:29 ]
Post subject: Joseph Delware - Application [Interview]

Section 1
01.Full name: Joseph Delaware
02.Date of birth, age: 15/09/1990
03.Address: Sandrun Road, Bone County 855, San Andreas )
04.Phone number: 1464048
05.Are you a convicted felon: No

Section 2
01.What is your profession: Trucker / Mechanic side job.
02.How long have you worked in your profession: Courier, three months.
03.Do you have your own work vehicle, if so - what type/model: Yes, RC VAN, 2004.
04.Why do you apply to become a member of the Truckers Union: I own a RC VAN and have been working alone for months. I'm going to enter a new business reality and maybe it gives me the opportunity to grow professionally. I also intend to meet new people.

Section 3

01. Character level: 5
01. LSRP forumname: Tainment
02. Please list all your characters (+ level) here: Joseph_Delaware (5) - Micheal Right (1)
03. Link to adminrecords on all your characters:

04. GMT: +1
05. Skype Name: niplox ))

Section 4
I, Joseph Delaware, hereby allow the Red County Trucker Union to do a background check on my name and be informed by any points on my record. Information given through this process is confidential and are not to be shared outside the staff of the Union.

Author: Jim_Bronson [ 28. Jan 2018 17:14 ]
Post subject: Re: Joseph Delware - Trucker

To Joseph Delware,

We've read your application and would like to invite you to a brief interview to get to know you further. Please contact any of the ones listed below if we cannot contact you first.

Jim Bronson - 50003
Luka Laban aka Driver - 1708730
Felipe Rodrigez - 1664036

Or ask for a management member over radio channel 19991.

Best regards,
Jim Bronson
CEO & Founder.

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